Hey there! 

I'm Claire...

... a warm welcome to my Fitness and Wellbeing community. I have been working in the fitness and dance industry for over ten years now and I truly believe that exercise can benefit not only your body and physical wellbeing but also hugely impact our mental health.

Whilst on maternity leave with my second child Bodhi the Coronavirus pandemic hit and hugely restricted all of our daily lives and our ability to exercise with our friends family and other like minded women. Realising what a huge impact this would have on so many people I decided to bring my passion and classes to you in your own home. Starting on a small scale I realised how flexible, adaptable and beneficial an online fitness community would be for so many women.

As a mum of two young boys I know that time is a premium. Our lives can be so hectic and overwhelming. I am offering you a flexible and easy-going fitness regime that fits around you.  Aimed at women at any stage in their fitness journey, this is a chance to experience various forms of exercise from HIIT style training, conditioning and sculpting classes, sessions using weights and resistance bands, dance workouts, fitness yoga, relaxation classes and freestyle classes. I want to give you the sessions you want  so our programme will evolve as we go.  

My partner and I are self-confessed foodies and so I will be sharing our recipes and ideas for healthy eating. We aren’t qualified nutritionists but we do love to eat wholesome good quality food that fuels the body. We believe very much in balance so I’m sure they’ll be a few naughtier recipes that pop up too! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey, whatever your goals motivation or reasons are for being here, let’s do it together!