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References External links The Script official website The Script at The Script at Google The Script at Facebook Category:Musical groups established in 2008 Category:Musical groups from Dublin (city) Category:Irish rock music groups Category:People from Dún Laoghaire Category:Sibling musical groupsTrevor Hughes has been a Final Round Consulting Expert since October 2014 and is a trained coach and practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and more. He is the creator of NLP World Quiz. You can also find Trevor blogging at NLP Australia and Toastmasters. You can contact him at or on Twitter @TrevorHughes. You don’t have to be a happy chappy to be a great leader. Leading is a strategic discipline and there are many great leaders who were often not as happy as others. Some people are naturally born great leaders, others need to learn the skill, but even those that are naturally born leaders can become stale. By strategy, I don’t mean following the latest fad or engaging in the latest leadership practice. I mean thinking about what you want and how you want to help people. The fundamentals of how to be a great leader are simple: Acknowledge your emotions Do what you say you’re going to do Be proactive about what you’re going to do in the future Be authentic to your own heart You can then naturally start to grow and change as a leader. In a chapter I wrote on the topic a while ago, I wrote about leaders who are so busy not being a leader that they become bad leaders. I called it “The Bad Leaders Chapter”. The point is that there’s a difference between being a good leader and being a leader. The latter involves actions and being strategic. There are many bad leaders, including some who don’t know it, but there are also great leaders who never would have been great leaders if they hadn’t become a leader. The issue is that some are so busy not being a leader they turn into a leader who is not a leader. One of the great leaders I read about recently is Nelson Mandela. This great man had to play a leadership role because of the country he lived in. However, I don




Free Download The Script Full Album.rar

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