I started following Claire's profiles during lockdown and I haven’t looked back. Claire was such a fantastic resource during lockdown, so inspirational, she has got me trying all sorts including Body Attack and working out using free weights. Her clear and engaging style is such a winner - she is amazing at what she does.

(Obligatory sweaty selfie from one particularly hard lockdown class with my son getting in on the action!) 

Thank you so much Claire for everything you do for us all x


Claire’s classes have been a lifesaver during lockdown. They have been my bit of time to do something for myself amidst the chaos of working, homeschool and a 2 year old. 

I am now addicted and do something every day. I can’t bare to miss out.



I’ve known Claire for over 20 years now and have seen her grow from an energetic and enthusiastic newly qualified fitness instructor to the nurturing, holistic and expert practitioner that she is today.

Claire genuinely cares about all her clients and her smile will always keep you motivated and make you feel at ease. Her attention to technique and safety in classes is fantastic and as a physiotherapist myself, this is of paramount when attending being instructed in any form of fitness. I couldn’t recommend her more.


When I take part in Claire’s classes I get to have some 'me' time . Whether its a full on cardio session making me feel empowered and ready for the day or a chilled yoga session to wind down at the end of a tough day. All classes are different lengths so easy to fit in around work and home schooling.


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I’ve been coming to Claires classes for about 2 years now. I was recommended by a friend to join Claire’s Zumba class at Mountbatten. From the first time I went, I was hooked. Claire was such a great instructor. Warm, friendly, fun and enthusiastic. 

I’ve always been into my fitness and keeping healthy. Since the lockdown, I felt that Claire has made such a difference to my fitness level by encouraging me with her classes online, especially the cardio tone on a Saturday morning with the good old club tracks to work out to!